A vanpool is a group (usually between 7-15 people) who commute together on a regular basis in a van.

One person usually drives and maintains the van, while riders share the expenses. Whether you ride in a vanpool, or drive it yourself, it's a great way to get to work!

Harford Commuter Assistance will help you:
  • Join a vanpool
  • Form a vanpool with a leased van (go to VPSI for more information)
  • Form a vanpool with your own van
  • Help you take advantage of a low-interest van purchase program
  • Keep your vanpool on the road with support services
Vanpool Passenger Benefits
Read, sleep, work, socialize or just plain relax instead of being stuck behind the wheel! You save thousands on your 
commute costs, while minimizing wear and tear on your car.

Vanpool Driver Benefits
Vanpool drivers are often rewarded with a 'free ride' to work, and have the use of the van after work and weekends.
If you already own a van, you can recover your ownership costs.