Development Review

  1. Community Input Meetings (CIM)

    The purpose of the community meeting is for the developer to provide information to the community regarding the proposed development and to allow citizens to ask questions and make comments and suggestions.

  2. Development Advisory Committee (DAC)

    The Harford County DAC is a review group composed of representatives of county, state, federal and utility agencies. DAC meetings serve as a forum for the review of subdivision and site plans submitted to the Department of Planning and Zoning.

  3. Development Regulations

    The Harford County Department of Planning and Zoning provides a publication known as the Development Regulations. This document is comprised of the Zoning Code, Floodplain Management Program, and Subdivision Regulations.

  4. Fees

    The Development Review Section is responsible for the review of residential and commercial development plans, forest conservation plans, and landscaping plans. Plans are reviewed for conformance with the Harford County Development Regulations. This section is also responsible for conducting Development Advisory Committee meetings.

  5. Transfer of Development Rights (TDR)

    The intent of the TDR program was to facilitate development flexibility whereby limiting sprawling development while protecting agricultural lands for long term agricultural use. The TDR program gave the property owner the option to sell his development rights rather than subdivide lots. As result, the TDR program offers the farmer a new option to continue farming while facilitating development in other areas.